Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas. Decorating. With Feathers.....?

All over blog land I see decorating with feathers, hmm not sure if I am a fan.  Its cute in some spots.  I get tons of inspiration from

I love the style of this home, but I couldn't pull that tree off.  I do however absolutely love her fall style on the burlap wreath with feathers.

I think I could do this! Fits the time of year to me for some reason!  Anyhoo, so I am experimenting.  I found some fun decorations at the DOLLAR STORE for Christmas!

Break, had to get a screaming child from his bouncy!

So I picked these up!

So I will attempt to use some natural elements when I decorate for the holidays.  I just have them bedazzled a bit, lol!

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