Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reupholstered Wing Back Chair

Yesterday didn't start out so great.  As I was getting ready for work my I could hear my 9 year old son getting ready for school.  Then I heard what every Mom dreads....the sound of him throwing up!  Not fun at all!  Then my husband woke up...sick!  I'm sure you all agree; husbands are much harder to take care of then the kiddos!  Thankfully the little miss and the munchkin were feeling great.  Sis went of  to school, so at nap time guess what I worked on?  Remember that Wacky Wing back Chair?  I finished!  Doing a happy dance right now!

Here she was in all her glory before:  You can read how I acquired this beaut here.
All week I have been chipping away on this project.  Since I am a re-upholster newbie I didn't want to be overwhelmed, so I thought one piece at a time.  You know, slow and steady.  That is great in all, but you Moms know when you have a free moment you work as long and as fast as possible.  That is what I did all day yesterday.  It paid off, but it was quite a chore!

I really tried to use all the pieces I removed as my pattern, and my goal was to re-use all the tack strips and other metal strip (not sure what it is).  As I removed each piece I labeled them with a black sharpie and then used them for a pattern.
I tried to use this metal ka-bob for the seam, but I just couldn't get it right.  Here is what I did instead.  Wherever I needed a pretty outside line I cut strips of cardboard, flipped the fabric over and stapled underneath.  I am not sure what people do normally, but it worked really well for me.  Since the cardboard strips were so thin they would bend around the curves of the top.
Just as I was finishing the fabric, Sis begged to have a seat!  Isn't she cute in her little school uniform?  Love uniforms in school!
This is a cardboard seam, after it is all flipped over.
I had to add that touch of shabby; so I sanded the legs to give them some character.

Its very ZEBRA don'tcha think?  At least with a black and white pattern I can have fun with seasons and add a super colorful pillow, without all the work!

So have you ever reupholstered anything?  Did you use cardboard for your edges as well?  If you are going to ask me if I would do this again....give me sometime, let the soreness in my hands wear off.  I probably will, you know me-I am a glutton for punishment!

Have a great day!

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  1. Your chair is gorgeous!! You did a beautiful job!

  2. You did a great job! Gotta love ingenuity!

    1. Thanks so much...not sure on the ingenuity, I wasn't sure if that was used all the time or not, lol!

  3. This is gorgeous. I'm about to tackle the reupholstery of my two old wing chairs but I'm never quite game. It also has those metal pieces around the edges which always scared me off. I think I just need to sit down and take it one small piece at a time!

  4. Ohh...two of them! You can totally do it! It is really great if you have an area in your home where it can sit while you are working on it. Mine was a little tricky because the staples and an almost 1 year old-they don't mesh well, lol! I wanna see your project! Let me know!

  5. awesome job i luff it It's on my to do list for this year thanks for sharing

  6. I am impressed!! Actually I should know by know that you can probably do it all:) I want to see this thing in person.. Have always wanted to do this but have never had the confidence I guess. Please teach me!?! P.S. I am truley honored to have you with Rusty Glamour, you are very talented, keep goin girl!!