Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dresser Makeover Pretty In Pink

When I was pregnant with my son, my first pregnancy, I was a complete shopaholic!  I was so excited, everything had to matching, top of the line, etc.  Then along came my little princess.  I wasn't so picky, loved hand me downs, all that good stuff.  So when I set up my daughters nursery (as I say this now, I am kind of feeling bad, lol) I had just painted the room prior to finding out I was pregnant so I kept it the same color.  I re-used my crib from my son, but when it came to the matching dresser I was like UGG.  I didn't like it when I used it for my son so I definitely wasn't going to use it for my daughter.  It had drawers underneath with a changing table on the top that you had to flip over=pain in the booty!  So anyhow, I didn't put a dresser in her that was a lot of background to get to my dresser story!  As she got a little older she started asking me to paint her room a pretty color.  Then we had to upgrade the bed, so I was on the hunt for a dresser.  My problem was that the cute bed we purchased her was on off-white, not something you can just go out and find anywhere!  Then I wanted something unique, pretty, and fit into my little budget=double hard!  Here is what her bed looks like.
This isn't her room, just the staged Costco pic.  So this last summer my sis and I were out garage saleing and I found the one!  Then I asked the price $50.00....hmm I am kind of cheap.  Was this a good deal?  I called my girlfriend, she said "Offer her $30.00, but then if you love it buy it!"  I offered her $30.00 but she came back with $40.00, then I said "Yes, please".  (Can you tell I am a horrible barterer?  I figure they priced it that price and that is what they want)  Here is what it looked like before:

A little beat up, a lot colored on, but oh so cute!  I took my daughter to the store to pick out what color she wanted....guess what she chose?  Of course pretty in pink!  So after I scrubbed it up, I sprayed it down.  Then I mixed some Varathane Espresso stain and water, rubbed it all over and wiped it off.  Here is what it looks like now:
I left it more white is some places, more stained in others.
I feel like this dresser will be a piece that will get many makeovers in the years to come.  It will surely stick around....I adore it!
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reupholstered Wing Back Chair

Yesterday didn't start out so great.  As I was getting ready for work my I could hear my 9 year old son getting ready for school.  Then I heard what every Mom dreads....the sound of him throwing up!  Not fun at all!  Then my husband woke up...sick!  I'm sure you all agree; husbands are much harder to take care of then the kiddos!  Thankfully the little miss and the munchkin were feeling great.  Sis went of  to school, so at nap time guess what I worked on?  Remember that Wacky Wing back Chair?  I finished!  Doing a happy dance right now!

Here she was in all her glory before:  You can read how I acquired this beaut here.
All week I have been chipping away on this project.  Since I am a re-upholster newbie I didn't want to be overwhelmed, so I thought one piece at a time.  You know, slow and steady.  That is great in all, but you Moms know when you have a free moment you work as long and as fast as possible.  That is what I did all day yesterday.  It paid off, but it was quite a chore!

I really tried to use all the pieces I removed as my pattern, and my goal was to re-use all the tack strips and other metal strip (not sure what it is).  As I removed each piece I labeled them with a black sharpie and then used them for a pattern.
I tried to use this metal ka-bob for the seam, but I just couldn't get it right.  Here is what I did instead.  Wherever I needed a pretty outside line I cut strips of cardboard, flipped the fabric over and stapled underneath.  I am not sure what people do normally, but it worked really well for me.  Since the cardboard strips were so thin they would bend around the curves of the top.
Just as I was finishing the fabric, Sis begged to have a seat!  Isn't she cute in her little school uniform?  Love uniforms in school!
This is a cardboard seam, after it is all flipped over.
I had to add that touch of shabby; so I sanded the legs to give them some character.

Its very ZEBRA don'tcha think?  At least with a black and white pattern I can have fun with seasons and add a super colorful pillow, without all the work!

So have you ever reupholstered anything?  Did you use cardboard for your edges as well?  If you are going to ask me if I would do this again....give me sometime, let the soreness in my hands wear off.  I probably will, you know me-I am a glutton for punishment!

Have a great day!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wacky Wing back

My hands are on fire!  Super sore, and my right hand has about 5 blisters!  What have I been doing you say?  Working on this beauty;
My sis, niece, and I purchased this at our favorite donation center for a whopping $10.00!  I know the picture makes it look half way decent but really the fabric was icky dirty.  I told both of them; no way!  See, neither of them have ever done any reupholstering, so guess whom it came home with?  Yep you know it!  Lets face it; I am no expert!  The only reupholstering I have ever done is the super easy stuff, bar stool tops, chair seats, etc.  So to the garage this sat.

So sorry I didn't post much last week.  I had one of those times when I felt like I wasn't giving my all to the kiddos and hubby.  Things were spiraling around our house, the mess and the laundry...something had to give.  Well I am proud to say my home is sparkling clean (well minus the bonus room and my daughters room).  Honestly I felt most at peace the last couple of days then I have in awhile.  Amazing what you can get done without junk in the way!

Now back to the chair-On Saturday night I brought this in the house to start removing the fabric.  I got a flat head screwdriver, and some pliers.  Carefully I started removing the pieces.  I wanted to use the pieces as my template so I labeled them as they came off with a sharpie.  Can anyone say 10, k-billion staples!  For the love!  I had no idea!  Good thing the little muchkin was asleep.  I ended up stopping, my hands were hurting.  Then on Sunday I tried again.  I was driven!  I accomplished the task, but have blisters to show for it!

Later in the afternoon I went to Joanns to pick out some fabric.  Why didn't anyone remind me that it was a Presidents Day Sale?  Our Joanns is bad enough on a regular day, but a sale day-you may as well kiss the afternoon goodbye.  It took me forever!  I finally found a cute pattern, the problem was I couldn't tell if it was on sale.  I loaded it in the cart, then I found a backup print.  I figured whichever was the better deal I would go with that.  So I waited, and waited, at the cutting counter-for e ver!  Then when I got up there, I asked the price.  My first pattern wasn't on sale-bummer, $14.99 per yard!  Then on the backup; there wasn't enough fabric!  Really.  I gave her the look (I have been standing in line with and 11 month old who is missing his nap) didn't work!  So back I went looking for more.  I really had no luck!  Everything that called to me, there just wasn't enough for the 6 yards that I needed.  So I went with something way out there...You ready?  Here is a little sneak peak.
Make sure you check back for the full reveal!  Hopefully soon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plate Rack Table

I just got this cute little table for FREE!  Pretty good price if I do say so myself!  My sis gave it to me, of course I had to do a little painting, lol!  Here she was before:
I am pretty sure the slates are for plates, right?  Well see, some of the dowels are missing, so I popped them out of the outer edges and put them in the middle.  Then I made the DIY chalk paint (1 cup latex paint + 1tbsp unsanded grout) and coated the baby!  Those little dowelie things are no joke to paint!   Good thing I was going to shab it out anyway!  The first coat I mixed was lighter than the second...I used the same paint but... I uh... didn't mix it up really well!  (Totally on purpose right?)
Originally my plan was to put this in the shop, but I kind of fell in love.  I think I need this in my house!
Do you do that with your little projects too?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Master Bedroom Dresser Makeover

It was absolutely gorgeous here this weekend!  So thankful too, I don't think I could have sanded anymore in the lungs just couldn't take it anymore, lol!  It was so beautiful I went and purchased a flat of primroses and put some in the planters out front, such a pretty pop of color.  I always have a little helper whom went and grabbed any gloves she could find to be just like Mom.

I finally finished our master bedroom chest of drawers.  This would have been the perfect piece for and entertainment console...hmm, has me thinking.
 Here was the beauty before:

I sanded the top down...lets just say folks that this baby had some coats!  Took me awhile!  Primed and painted the body of the dresser, stained the top, and lightly shabbed up the edges of the drawers.  

I went to Lowe's to purchase the hardware, note to self; hardware it expensive!  I would have had my post up sooner but wouldn't you know... the pulls on the top drawers and the bottom are two different sizes!!  Grrr, had to go back to Lowe's and pick out new!  Thankfully I found some pulls that had two holes on each end so I could make the drawers matching.  I went with black with rubbed copperish around the edges.  I love how it shows up on the black.
The top was stained with Varathane Espresso

I just finished putting all my clothes in the drawers, so thankful for this much needed storage.
Hope you like it!

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