Friday, August 31, 2012

Round Side Table Painted Stenciled Top

I know, I can't believe it either!?!  Yes, I finally finished some projects, yippee!  Wouldn't you know it I am on vacation from work this week!  What better way to spend my time but to get my craft on!

This table was kind of wobbly, but I loved the detail on the bottom so I bought it anyway!  Here she is before:
I have been struggling with paint colors lately...I have painted my last couple of projects and hated them each time!  Please tell me this happens to someone else...and that it does go away!  I have never had this happen before so it has been kind of a bummer!
This was color number 1, mustard yellow.  I usually love this color, but it just didn't work on this piece.

So then I started painting it white, well a homemade chalk paint white....and I liked it!  After the white coat came the 60 grit sand paper.
Sanding really helped all the details come out, I liked the bit of mustard yellow peaking through too!

It still needed something, so I grabbed a little stencil I had in the garage.  The color in the stencil is supposed to be for my master bedroom Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey.  Yeah, I haven't gotten to that paint job yet, and I have had the paint since Memorial Day.  That is horrible.
I was originally going to do the entire top, but then I liked it like this and decided I better stop.  I didn't want it too busy!  I am just excited I finally finished something, lol!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland Bridal Shower Tea

Well another weekend in the books!  Another weekend of non-stop everything!  While it's a busy time right now, I had the best time at an adorable bridal shower today that I had to share with you all!  My amazing nephew is getting married to the cutest little lady.  They are just adorable together and it is so fun to see them so happy together.  So off we went to Megan's aunt's house for a day of fun!  I was super impressed with all the details for this cute "Alice In Wonderland Bridal Shower Tea"
Megan is a fan of Alice in Wonderland, so her sweet Aunt went all out for a fun tea.  Above was my place setting, each table was utterly unique.
Every table also had a one of a kind teapot, and some delicious treats. (Yes, that is my Mother eating in the background...she will kill me later)
I loved this cute yellow cake stand!
This was just one glance at the food table.  I loved the idea of everything in their own little dishes!  Above are fun dishes of fruit salad, cappuccino Kahlua cups, and mac and cheese.
Isn't my plate so pretty!  Yeah and don't even say it (I know) it is full, lol!
I could have stayed and had dessert all night, yummers!
My favorite cherry cheesecake!
Yes, I am full ...but these pictures are making me want more!

Little mini loaf bread.
What a happy beautiful party for such a pretty girl.  Didn't her aunt do an amazing job?  Makes me want to throw a fun little party and do the same theme (or I could come back for another party...hint.hint)

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Shabby Inspirational Projects

We have hit some "Dog Days of Summer" around here...starting to make me a bit nervous, school is about ready to start and I am not organized and prepared for the structure of school yet!! Yikes!  I have two weeks to get on it, but we started cheer and football that are EVERYDAY, did I mention!  I also just finished back to back birthdays at my house, I know have a double digit kiddo!  Crazy it is going way to fast!

We have been doing some playing at the county fair!
My son playing, while I held all the goodies.
Here is my sis and my adorable little niece on a ride.  Look at those eyes!
My daughter, niece, and I being silly.

I haven't worked on a ton of projects but I have seen some pretty amazing inspiration that I wanted to share.
I fell in love with this old door knob coat hook!  Super cute!

This was adorable as well with the rusty hooks.

Um yes please, I need this for my daughters room...yeah I didn't bring any money, maybe it will be there when I go back...but I doubt it!
What a cute idea, coat hooks on scrap wood

Shabby at it's best!

So have you been working on projects in the heat, or just lounging?
We did make a great thrift store run the other day!  We haven't been out on the hunt in awhile so we went a bit crazy!
So um yes, I need to get busy!

Well I better leave you with a big kiss to seal the deal!!

Hope you are all staying cool!
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Re-purpose Refinished Globes

I love the look of a cool globe when you are decorating.  I especially love the older globes, but I was having a hard time finding them in my hunts.  All I could find were these bright aqua globes.
There are nice and all but not the right fit for what I wanted.  Then the ever talented lady, Lea (shop owner at Rusty Glamour) told me to rub some stain on it!  What a great idea!  So I did just that and a bit more...
First I took it off the stand and painted on the stain (lightly, it doesn't take too much).  Then I found a scrap rusty bowl piece that was left over in the pile in my garage, for the bottom.
For the top piece, the wooden piece is a dowel part found at the hardware store.  The key looking piece is a replacement lamp turner, also found at the hardware store.  I just used the same stain on the piece of wood, then glued the lamp piece to it.  Then I glued the entire thing to the globe top!  It turned out so much better than the picture!

Some of the booths at the store have some fun ones as well, thought I would share.
This is the great tan color with more stain added.
I love the bottom piece for this one!

Phew it has been a madhouse around has started for my son and then cheer for my daughter!  This has up hopping every day of the week!  Um don't these kids know that I have some crafts to be done, duh!!

Here is a cute drop leaf table my sis finished and just sold from our booth!

Hope I can complete a few more projects before our weekend games start!  Talk at ya soon!
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