Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wine Bottle Turned Home Decor

I'm very kind of strange.  I love to snap pictures with my phone of random items that inspire me to diy.  So as I browsed at Fred Meyer I had to snap a picture of this vase for inspiration.

I totally knew I could create this, I just needed to find the time.  Well since finding time never happens I had to smash it in.  So I found an old wine bottle....not sure where it came from...swear I didn't slam a bottle of wine so I could complete this craft, well maybe.  Then I soaked the bottle in hot water to remove the label.

Then I heated up the trusty glue gun and went to town.

Played a little DS (kidding) then did some more.

When it was dry I rubbed all the spider web pieces off, you know from touching the bottle then pulling up.  Anyhoo, then I spray painted it!  I did black because I had some black spray paint just sitting in the garage... but I will definitely do white next.  Here is how it turned out.

Well I am loving it!  Now I want to make more!

Talk to ya later!

xoxo Ade

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Easy Pot Holders

Not sure about you....

But my potholders have seen better days.

Stained, thin, umm grossness. (I don't think that is a word, but whatev)

So guess what?  We made some, and they are so cute!

I really like to give credit where it is due, so I am really sorry but I cannot find where my sis got this idea!  I know she was on the internet somewhere...

Here is what you need:

5-Scraps of fabric approx 10"x10"-coordinating (or not if you don't like that)

2-Pieces of bunting approx 10"x10"

Sewing machine and thread to match

Cut your two pieces of bunting and stack them on top of each other.

Then place a piece of fabric on the top of that, make sure it is face up (so pretty side up).  This piece will be on one side.

With the 4 remaining, fold them in half with the pretty side out.  These will go on top of the stack with the edges out.

  You will want to interchange these, kind of like how you fold a box one edge under the other (hopefully that makes sense).]

Geez, enough pictures for you?  Just wanted to make sure it made sense..Oncethat is on the stack, you will want to pin the edges.

Now stitch around the outside.

Trim off the excess fabric.

Now flip the top flaps inside out.

Umm so what is on the counter...really I do clean...once in awhile!
You can leave it like this, but we didn't dig the little flaps hanging open.  So my sis just did a scroll like pattern over the whole thing.  This really made them feel better, and it is cute too!

Oh yeah..and those sweet goodness back there.  They are Oreo Truffles that I made.  Really, really good.  Probably shouldn't make them, you can't eat just one!  I gave my warning.

All Done!

Hope you enjoy!


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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teacher Gift

Finishing up last-minute goodies around here tonight!  Little bit of books for the hubbies business, and last-minute teacher gifts to send with the kids for school tomorrow. (Shocker, last-minute gift from me?)  Oh yeah did I also mention I am doing all that while playing on this here blog and catching up on my favorite show....The Real Housewives of BH.  I really like all the Real Housewives shows but my favs are Orange County, Beverly Hills, and of course New Jersey!  I know I am weird!

So here is what I made for the kids teachers, I played around with the ever popular  family rules.  I typed up different fun-loving rules for the classroom, and made all of them different fonts.  Then I printed it out on card stock and got some black frames (of course on sale at Fred Meyer).  I had to trim it down a little, but then that was that!  I think they are cute, and if I were a teacher I would like it (I think, lol).

Here it is close up, so you can see all the different words.  Well kind of...Did you notice I am back to camera phone pictures?  Grrr, something is wrong with my memory card.  Will have to get a new one, or maybe I could get a new camera???  Hint, Hint! (Or my sister can sell me hers, that she never uses!)

Preparing myself for the kiddos to be out of school next week.  I took the week off as well, should be interesting.  Honestly it will probably fly by as usual.  Mad dash for all the Christmas goodies, and making some sweet treats.

Talk to ya later!

Monday, December 12, 2011

So not motivated to exercise today.... trying to talk myself into it..... not working.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Letter Pinterest Challenge Week 13

So I am a little late, but I am excited about my latest Pinterest Challenge!  For the last couple of years we have been doing Christmas cards with the pictures from Costco, yada yada.  I am getting kind of burnt out, I love getting everyone's pictures I just wanted to do something different.  Well you know how you get those Christmas letters...the ones my Sis and I laugh at all the time!  What I found is basically a Christmas letter with a twist!

Here is where I found my idea  I have found some really cute stuff on this website, and what is even better is she shares all of her ideas with super easy templates!  Who wouldn't love that!  So her fab idea was to take a Christmas letter and turn it into a subway art letter.  Here is how her letter came out:

So thank goodness she gave us a template, and I went to town.  I don't have Photoshop or Gimp (I don't even know what this is).  So originally I thought I am going to just create my own, but as I was reviewing the sample, we are pretty similar, so I thought why not just use her template?  I put mine in Power Point.  It worked pretty well, I just couldn't customize some items...I am sure you can I am just both too lazy, and not computer literate, lol!

So here is mine, sorry friends for the preview before you get it in the mail!

I couldn't change the background color, I wanted it a bit more gray...but I still love it!  Super fun and different!

xoxo Ade

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Big "E" Word

Yep I am doing it!

I started exercising this week!

Can I just tell you that I can hardly make it up the stairs without crying?

I keep thinking of all the good things this does for me, but really when it hurts this bad.....

I will get better, and I am really proud of myself. (See how positive I am)

Keeping my sights on a healthy, tone body.  I think I can, I think I can.  Well I haven't started on the good eating yet, thought I would take one thing at a time, lol!

And, yes I have finished a few projects to show...just need a couple of pictures!  Sorry Pinterest Challenge, I will be there soon!

Gotta go EXERCISE.................Ade

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Focus, focus

I am a total last-minute gift purchaser, and then stresser!  Every year I say I so am not going to do that again!  Yet as Christmas comes again, it happens every time!  So today I am going to accomplish some gifts.  See I am writing it down just as a focus goal!

Onto my current whoopla...So the last couple of days I have been wandering around with one contact in my eye.  I set my alarm to wake at 5am, then not thinking that I haven't changed the clock to fall back I actually got up at 3:50am.  So when I put in my contacts in wayyy to early I was so tired that one fell out (my last).  I couldn't figure out why the computer seemed a little blurry and I was a little off kilter.  Duh!  Funny I still didn't even know that I woke up early at this point.  I am sitting talking to my hubby later and said "Why does the computer say 4:58am?"  He said "Because it is!"  So I called yesterday to get more contacts from Costco, yep my prescription has expired!  So today (before my gifts are accomplished) I have an eye appointment.  Then I may join the life of the normal again!

Yeah, see that above....well I didn't do so great on the gift department.  I tried, really.  Why are the weekends so flippin busy??  Well my home is decorated!  It took me the entire day yesterday (totally not kidding either).  I am exhausted!  Why does it take me so long to do everything with the kids?  Sis had such a blast with the decorations though, seriously played for hours with the goodies!

Here is tree number ! this year.  Yep its fake, and double yep it's not a cute fake one.  We learned, next year I will find a better one!

It is still pre-lit and cozy as I am sipping the coffee.  We also did another tree, for the kids with all the ornaments.

Above the kitchen cabinets!  Below is the famous hutch...

Yes folks I did it!  The cute jar of marshmallows that I saw on Pinterest.  To my friend that said my kids wouldn't stay out of are so right!  That jar was full yesterday morning!  Geez!

Would you believe there are a ton more?  There are but it is all that crazy silly stuff that kids love.  All the animals that sing, the musical boxes, know the stuff that has me itching to put Christmas away the minute presents are wrapped?