Sunday, January 29, 2012

Painted Red Dresser For Boys Room

Yay!  I just finished painting a dresser for my oldest sons room!  What a fun piece, I showed it awhile back, do you remember what it looked like before?  Here it is!
I just love little pops of red in my sons room, so I knew I wanted to include this on the dresser somewhere.  I chose this paint for the project.
First I primed the whole dresser in Kilz.  See all primed up!
Then I started spraying the drawers.  I kind of hit a snag, for some reason my primer was a little rough this time and I didn't like how it looked when the drawers were covered.  So then I zipped over the whole thing with the sander.  I really liked the look of the red sanded a bit, and the couple of drawers that weren't done yet!  I didn't want to paint them, they looked so cute!
So of course I left them!  Then I painted the dresser.  You know my obsession love with numbers right now, I had to add some to this beauty!  I lined up my stencils numbers and had my son pick out four of his favorite numbers.  Then I lined them up and painted them on the dresser.
Once I was done I knew it still was missing something..
The top was just too white, don'tcha think?  Out came the stain to fix that up a bit.  Here is how it turned out!

Here are some other snid-bits of the little mans room.  He really loves camo, so I had to add this little feature wall!  These were just hand drawn and then painted in.

 Here is his name wall art.  These are made from the inexpensive wood frames and letters from Joanns, and some scrap book paper.  I had to add twine to hang them, and then my little pop of red with the pins.

 I think the men in my family would not be happy if I didn't support the favorite team, ya know?  Go Ducks!

 Hope you like it!


  1. Oh my, that painted dresser is awesome! And, I LOVE the camo walls. :)
    A few blog friends and I are hosting our first link party tomorrow to finish off the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, we go live at 7amET. Today I revealed my project for the challenge, a gallery wall with only one screw in the wall. It would be great if you have a chance to check it out and link up!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog = your newest follower

  2. Thanks Karah! Wow only one screw in the wall? I will have to go and see how that was accomplished!
    Have a great day!

  3. I love this piece! What a great job you did. Thanks for joining my newbie party. Please add my link or button as well so that others know about the party. Thanks.

    1. Thank you! I will go and see if I can get it to work..was having issues last night (could have been because it was close to midnight, lol).

  4. Love that dresser...very awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! Was a fun little project and now he has some much needed storage!

  5. Love the dresser, and you did a great job. The camouflage walls are pretty cool! I do think the dresser was too white, now fits in perfectly. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Party! PS - now following you!

    1. Thanks Cathy! Now I am considering taking the numbers off and putting some house numbers on the front drawers...I am so strange, lol! Thanks for following me, love your blog!