Monday, September 17, 2012

Little Red Piano Bench

Another project in the books with some COLOR!  I so hate to admit it, but I totally forgot to take a before picture!  Ugg, I hate that!  Hopefully you can picture it, dark brown legs and a faux leather black top!

I started out thinking I was going to paint this a turquoise blue.  I started spraying and ran out of paint!  Back to my stash of paint and I came up with some red and thought; what the heck!
You can see above where I distressed, you can see bits of the turquoise showing just a bit.  I loved that though!
For the top I had the perfect amount left over from the Thrift Otoman Makeover, yeah for spending no money!

This piece came from a yard sale at my neighbors house.  Thankfully they are super meticulous about taking really good care of everything!  This piece was an oldie, but in pristine condition.

Wouldn't this be a fun little piece at a piano?  Oh, this is making me think of the coolest piano...check it out!
Yes, this is a Painted Piano by Sweet Pickins!  Pretty amazing if you ask me!  Read how she did this here.

Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Orange Chair Fall-ish Project

I decided I needed to go way out there with a color, seems like I have been playing it pretty safe lately!  I bought this can of orange spray paint awhile back and it has been sitting and sitting in the garage.
Oh phew, I did find a before picture!  You never know with me!

This chair was such a pain!  The screws underneath were a square head, and of course I didn't have this tool!  Took me forever to remember to pick one up at the store!

Just for fun, I spray painted the orange velvety upholstery. not cute (note to self, don't waste paint!)

I sprayed the entire piece with 2 coats of the orange paint.
Some pretty cute legs!

After the paint was dry I used some black glaze and rubbed it all over.
The glaze is the best at toning down the color a bit, and bringing out all the fun details.
I kept it pretty simple with the upholstery!  I didn't want to be too out there, lol!  This is just a piece of drop cloth on the seat.

I was thinking this would make a great piece for a fall porch display, what do you think?
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vanity Mirror Wing Re-Do

Remember when I did this little makeover on an old vanity mirror?

Well see those little wings that were on the sides of the mirrors?  I have had these sitting in the garage since!  My awesome friend was over awhile back and I was asking her "What should I do with these?"  she said just hook them together and make it like a big mirror!  Well duh, why didn't I think of that!  So that is what I did!
 I still had the old piano hinges from when I took them off of the big mirror, so I just grabbed those and hooked the pieces together.
 This is the front hooked.
Then I painted a few coats of paint (homemade chalk paint of course).  Then some sanding and a coat of paste wax.
Viola!  Old side mirrors turned into one big mirror!
Sorry I didn't get the best pictures since this was already in the booth when I snapped these!  Thankfully this was in and out in a couple of days!  I wonder how the new owner used it?  I am just glad these old pieces got some new use!
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