Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thrift Ottoman Makeover

Hi All!  Sorry I haven't blogged super regular; just been so busy!  I am not sure about you but when the weather breaks around here-we all go crazy!  Everyone is outside playing.  My daughter said "Please, please can we go swimming today?"  Then when I said "No", she tried "How about the Slip N Slide?"   We settled for just playing with the hose (and I got the back porch cleaned at the same time BONUS).  Tonight we made our weekly trip to Costco, our kiddos fell asleep while we driving there, then when we were walking in we passed a Mom pulling her asleep daughter out of a cart.  Made my husband and I laugh...

I have squeezed in some projects that I wanted to share.  Hopefully you will see multiple posts from me this week (keeping my fingers crossed!)

So check out this little ottoman I picked up.
Can you say EWWW?  I sure have been the entire time I have taken this apart!  It was so dirty, kind of grossed me out!  My husband spotted this when we were out and about, I said sure!  Silly me, I thought this would be easy to re-cover...I totally forgot about the removal process!  After I took out the couple hundred of staples along the bottom...see that little piping in the middle?  Yep, two more rounds of hundreds of staples!
When I started re-covering I forgot that I didn't save the batting from the edges.  Luckily I had this quilted tan fabric.  I improvised and cut strips and stapled it to the sides.

Well for all the work, I think it turned out pretty darn cute!
The little details on the sides were fun. I lightly glazed them to bring out the detail.

Do you like the print on the fabric?  Why is it so hard to decide when you are at the fabric store?  Crazy, usually when I pick out a paint color I grab and go...but me and fabric...we have issues!

My friend asked me to go to a plant sale with her this morning, she is one of those total green thumbs (you know the type, lol)  It was so fun, so fun in fact I have been in the yard all day working my bootie off!  I didn't go crazy at the sale, but my little green thumb buddy!?!?  She went a little crazy!
Here is just a tad, see she had to cram the rest in the backseat!  Crazy Lady!

Pretty stuff is popping up all over!  Hope you have been inspired to get some work of your own finished!

Have a great night!

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  4. I can't even believe it's the same ottoman! very very cute!

  5. Your stool is just lovely! I hate pulling out staples, too... such a pain! I just finished a stool, too! Lot's of work, but worth it! The fabric you chose is so fun!

  6. Love that little ottoman! The fabric is perfect. Nice job!!!