Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road Trip Farm Chick Show!

What do two crazy Moms do for fun...road trip to an awesome antique/junk show...with a 1 year old!!  Did I mention it is a SIX hour drive?!?
We just hopped in our ride and we were off!  Totally kidding..this isn't ours but it is so cool, right?  We really would have looked good driving this, and um maybe we wouldn't have been swore at, honked at, and waved at with the wrong finger so many times!
Thankfully we made it there and home safe!  Our drive would have been great minus the screaming child for the last hour or so!  Buy hey, when his face is this cute I forgive easily, lol!
How fun is this recycled wire basket!
I was in love with this painted table.
Succulents were planted up everywhere!  I love how creative everyone gets!  This old mailbox would be adorable on my porch!
I would have loved to take this beauty home!  I love buffets this shape, and that color is A-mazing!
How fun is this rusty star?  I am not quite sure what the pieces are from, but I loved it.
Amanda spotted this apron and sported it throughout the booth.  People were wanting to buy it right off of her.  Wouldn't you totally wear it as a top?  We both thought it would be so fun!
How cute is this re-purposed towel holder?  I think I may need to make a few of these.
I just loved this color combination on this hutch.  This booth was swamped!  In the back they had those wooden crates completely stacked to the ceiling on Saturday, thankfully I could snap a picture at least on Sunday!
Isn't this the cutest display idea?  I loved the lace tablecloths as the backdrop in this booth!  These ladies were super sweet, they were a three generation team (grandma, daughter, and grand-daughter)!
These architectural salvage pieces were so fun!
Talent was everywhere!  Loved the painting on old book pages!

Well hopefully you enjoyed a bit from our trip!  I still have more pictures to run through and then I will share them with you all!  Come back and check them out!

I really enjoyed the show; if you want more information check out this link FARM CHICKS.  Super worth the trip!

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