Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Farm Chicks Part 2!

I almost forgot I was going to post the rest of our pictures from our Farm Chicks trip!  Are you ready for more fun inspiration?
Everyone will probably yell at me because I have no idea what these are; but I thought they would be so cute on a mantle for summer! (yep another sold pile; sigh)
These are for sure on my project to do list!  Old barb wire stars!  I didn't get to meet the owners of this booth; but I really loved the decorating and style of the entire thing; so cute!

These little birds (not the best picture!) are made out of book pages!  Love the old barn wood and the book page art combination...pretty clever!
Pretty cute re-styled strawberry planter!  I think this is an old chicken feeder bottom!
 How creative is this?  All scrap moldings made into a cute tree!  I want one!
 Adorable pillows are everywhere, but I particularly loved this scrap edge pillow.
 I really thought this would be so cute in my sons room.  This booth had a stack of these signs and they were flying out of there!
 I have seen salvaged yard ornaments before but these were especially cute with the rocks, dontcha think?
 This was my reminder to myself to make a piece of furniture with the medic cross, super cute!
 Just another sign that I thought was so cool.  Simple yet fun.
 I had never seen this idea before!  Take an old quilt (obviously not an heirloom!) and re-upholster with it!
 I thought these plates were adorable!  All hand painted by the nicest lady ever!
 Aren't these mason jar lights so cute?  These were especially well done; they had big bulbs in the jars.
 Another hand painted table that was Oh So Fabulous!
 Very cute globe lights eh?

Fabric banner love!
These dressers were drool worthy!
Yep another display idea!

Isn't this adorable?  Burlap scrap stool! 

 On the "to-do" list!

 Cute coat rack with branch pegs!
 Have a great day all!  I have been dragged away from my blog lately!  Camping with the family last weekend (totally fun), then home to a broken dryer (and you guessed it all the camping clothes).  I can't win I tell ya!

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