Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Entry Closet Phase 1

I have this closet.  It is one of those thorns in my side, right when you walk in the front door.  The place we drop our shoes and coats.  When we are in a rush in the morning it is the place where I am digging, and digging for a matching pair of shoes for the kiddos! (oh yeah and sometimes for me too!)  Do you have one of those?

I purchased some trim boards, a long time ago specifically for a little work in this closet.  Guess where I put these boards?  Yep, in the closet.  So not only is it buried in shoes, now it has trim boards lining the ground-something had to give!  Here is what is looks like.
A nice cheesy coat rack, builder grade special!
Not so cute, I know!  Kind of embarrassing!  I took everything out this last weekend.  Then I started stacking the trim boards and measuring the wall.  I finally used my brand new mitre saw!  I had to put it together by myself!  My husband was helping my Dad do a few things, I was so wishing he was home.  I hate reading the instructions; I am way to impatient, I just wanted to use the dang thing!
I removed the ugly wire rack.  Then I caulked and puttied the seams on the trim boards.
I gave the boards a coat of my trim color paint, just a white high gloss.
Looking better!  So this is where I am now!  I need to paint the walls.  Add coat hooks to the trim boards.  Then I am thinking a little bench on the right had side?  I also need to decide how I am going to do the shoe storage!  In the back it is 4ft tall.  This closet is so strange, but thankfully it is pretty large!  I wraps to the left in the back as well!

So what do you all think?  My real decision is-Do I dare take the door off?  I really think it would open up the entry way?  Do you think it would be too messy?  Hopefully you all have some insight for me!

Have a great day!

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  1. Girl, how do you have time to take a picture in the middle of a project let alone think of it before you start! I always dive right in then think about it later! Anyway, Think you're crazy to take the door off. We need more time for projects and less time for cleaning! Its like making your pantry really cute with baskets and you take the door off your will look cute until the first bowl of cereal is gotten. In your case, cute until they come in the door and fling coat and shoes into the wide open closet! If you cant get to it at least we can shut the door:) just a thought. I love a neat and tidy house that looks good.. but.. I have 4 kids:)