Friday, August 10, 2012

Re-purpose Refinished Globes

I love the look of a cool globe when you are decorating.  I especially love the older globes, but I was having a hard time finding them in my hunts.  All I could find were these bright aqua globes.
There are nice and all but not the right fit for what I wanted.  Then the ever talented lady, Lea (shop owner at Rusty Glamour) told me to rub some stain on it!  What a great idea!  So I did just that and a bit more...
First I took it off the stand and painted on the stain (lightly, it doesn't take too much).  Then I found a scrap rusty bowl piece that was left over in the pile in my garage, for the bottom.
For the top piece, the wooden piece is a dowel part found at the hardware store.  The key looking piece is a replacement lamp turner, also found at the hardware store.  I just used the same stain on the piece of wood, then glued the lamp piece to it.  Then I glued the entire thing to the globe top!  It turned out so much better than the picture!

Some of the booths at the store have some fun ones as well, thought I would share.
This is the great tan color with more stain added.
I love the bottom piece for this one!

Phew it has been a madhouse around has started for my son and then cheer for my daughter!  This has up hopping every day of the week!  Um don't these kids know that I have some crafts to be done, duh!!

Here is a cute drop leaf table my sis finished and just sold from our booth!

Hope I can complete a few more projects before our weekend games start!  Talk at ya soon!
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