Friday, August 31, 2012

Round Side Table Painted Stenciled Top

I know, I can't believe it either!?!  Yes, I finally finished some projects, yippee!  Wouldn't you know it I am on vacation from work this week!  What better way to spend my time but to get my craft on!

This table was kind of wobbly, but I loved the detail on the bottom so I bought it anyway!  Here she is before:
I have been struggling with paint colors lately...I have painted my last couple of projects and hated them each time!  Please tell me this happens to someone else...and that it does go away!  I have never had this happen before so it has been kind of a bummer!
This was color number 1, mustard yellow.  I usually love this color, but it just didn't work on this piece.

So then I started painting it white, well a homemade chalk paint white....and I liked it!  After the white coat came the 60 grit sand paper.
Sanding really helped all the details come out, I liked the bit of mustard yellow peaking through too!

It still needed something, so I grabbed a little stencil I had in the garage.  The color in the stencil is supposed to be for my master bedroom Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey.  Yeah, I haven't gotten to that paint job yet, and I have had the paint since Memorial Day.  That is horrible.
I was originally going to do the entire top, but then I liked it like this and decided I better stop.  I didn't want it too busy!  I am just excited I finally finished something, lol!
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