Friday, August 17, 2012

Shabby Inspirational Projects

We have hit some "Dog Days of Summer" around here...starting to make me a bit nervous, school is about ready to start and I am not organized and prepared for the structure of school yet!! Yikes!  I have two weeks to get on it, but we started cheer and football that are EVERYDAY, did I mention!  I also just finished back to back birthdays at my house, I know have a double digit kiddo!  Crazy it is going way to fast!

We have been doing some playing at the county fair!
My son playing, while I held all the goodies.
Here is my sis and my adorable little niece on a ride.  Look at those eyes!
My daughter, niece, and I being silly.

I haven't worked on a ton of projects but I have seen some pretty amazing inspiration that I wanted to share.
I fell in love with this old door knob coat hook!  Super cute!

This was adorable as well with the rusty hooks.

Um yes please, I need this for my daughters room...yeah I didn't bring any money, maybe it will be there when I go back...but I doubt it!
What a cute idea, coat hooks on scrap wood

Shabby at it's best!

So have you been working on projects in the heat, or just lounging?
We did make a great thrift store run the other day!  We haven't been out on the hunt in awhile so we went a bit crazy!
So um yes, I need to get busy!

Well I better leave you with a big kiss to seal the deal!!

Hope you are all staying cool!
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