Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dresser Makeover Pretty In Pink

When I was pregnant with my son, my first pregnancy, I was a complete shopaholic!  I was so excited, everything had to matching, top of the line, etc.  Then along came my little princess.  I wasn't so picky, loved hand me downs, all that good stuff.  So when I set up my daughters nursery (as I say this now, I am kind of feeling bad, lol) I had just painted the room prior to finding out I was pregnant so I kept it the same color.  I re-used my crib from my son, but when it came to the matching dresser I was like UGG.  I didn't like it when I used it for my son so I definitely wasn't going to use it for my daughter.  It had drawers underneath with a changing table on the top that you had to flip over=pain in the booty!  So anyhow, I didn't put a dresser in her that was a lot of background to get to my dresser story!  As she got a little older she started asking me to paint her room a pretty color.  Then we had to upgrade the bed, so I was on the hunt for a dresser.  My problem was that the cute bed we purchased her was on off-white, not something you can just go out and find anywhere!  Then I wanted something unique, pretty, and fit into my little budget=double hard!  Here is what her bed looks like.
This isn't her room, just the staged Costco pic.  So this last summer my sis and I were out garage saleing and I found the one!  Then I asked the price $50.00....hmm I am kind of cheap.  Was this a good deal?  I called my girlfriend, she said "Offer her $30.00, but then if you love it buy it!"  I offered her $30.00 but she came back with $40.00, then I said "Yes, please".  (Can you tell I am a horrible barterer?  I figure they priced it that price and that is what they want)  Here is what it looked like before:

A little beat up, a lot colored on, but oh so cute!  I took my daughter to the store to pick out what color she wanted....guess what she chose?  Of course pretty in pink!  So after I scrubbed it up, I sprayed it down.  Then I mixed some Varathane Espresso stain and water, rubbed it all over and wiped it off.  Here is what it looks like now:
I left it more white is some places, more stained in others.
I feel like this dresser will be a piece that will get many makeovers in the years to come.  It will surely stick around....I adore it!
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