Monday, February 20, 2012

Wacky Wing back

My hands are on fire!  Super sore, and my right hand has about 5 blisters!  What have I been doing you say?  Working on this beauty;
My sis, niece, and I purchased this at our favorite donation center for a whopping $10.00!  I know the picture makes it look half way decent but really the fabric was icky dirty.  I told both of them; no way!  See, neither of them have ever done any reupholstering, so guess whom it came home with?  Yep you know it!  Lets face it; I am no expert!  The only reupholstering I have ever done is the super easy stuff, bar stool tops, chair seats, etc.  So to the garage this sat.

So sorry I didn't post much last week.  I had one of those times when I felt like I wasn't giving my all to the kiddos and hubby.  Things were spiraling around our house, the mess and the laundry...something had to give.  Well I am proud to say my home is sparkling clean (well minus the bonus room and my daughters room).  Honestly I felt most at peace the last couple of days then I have in awhile.  Amazing what you can get done without junk in the way!

Now back to the chair-On Saturday night I brought this in the house to start removing the fabric.  I got a flat head screwdriver, and some pliers.  Carefully I started removing the pieces.  I wanted to use the pieces as my template so I labeled them as they came off with a sharpie.  Can anyone say 10, k-billion staples!  For the love!  I had no idea!  Good thing the little muchkin was asleep.  I ended up stopping, my hands were hurting.  Then on Sunday I tried again.  I was driven!  I accomplished the task, but have blisters to show for it!

Later in the afternoon I went to Joanns to pick out some fabric.  Why didn't anyone remind me that it was a Presidents Day Sale?  Our Joanns is bad enough on a regular day, but a sale day-you may as well kiss the afternoon goodbye.  It took me forever!  I finally found a cute pattern, the problem was I couldn't tell if it was on sale.  I loaded it in the cart, then I found a backup print.  I figured whichever was the better deal I would go with that.  So I waited, and waited, at the cutting counter-for e ver!  Then when I got up there, I asked the price.  My first pattern wasn't on sale-bummer, $14.99 per yard!  Then on the backup; there wasn't enough fabric!  Really.  I gave her the look (I have been standing in line with and 11 month old who is missing his nap) didn't work!  So back I went looking for more.  I really had no luck!  Everything that called to me, there just wasn't enough for the 6 yards that I needed.  So I went with something way out there...You ready?  Here is a little sneak peak.
Make sure you check back for the full reveal!  Hopefully soon!

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