Monday, November 28, 2011

Hmm Hutch

I need some help with my hutch!  I really really loved pine furniture about 10 years ago, so lets just say I have a bunch of it in my house.  Now that I am a little sick of it I decided to paint it!  This is how it looked before I started.

Yep notice there is another piece of pine furniture next to it!  Yikes!  Anyhow, so I was totally inspired by this picture.

So pretty, right?  So back to the I need help part!  I grabbed a paintbrush one day and some left over paint from the shed and went to town.  I did a dry brush type technique so if I wanted to go black later it wouldn't be too difficult.  Then I did a watered down white on the inside.  Here is where I am now.

So then I kind of froze.  I'm not sure if I love it or not?  So I put some stuff on the shelves and thought I should look at it awhile.  That has been at least a week now...I do love the color but I love the inspiration waaaaayyyyyy more!  So HELP, what should I do next?  I am thinking I need more white right? Tell me, tell me!



  1. Yep. More white. I think if you really like the look of your inspiration picture, that you should paint everything but the front of the doors and drawer fronts, white. I think I would also change out the hardware on the drawers to something a little bigger and more noticeable.

    What about making the windows in the doors open, or glass?? And modge podging some kind of paper on the back?? That would make it look a lot more like the inspiration pic. I think that's a big part of what makes that piece cool, is being able to see through it to the printed back..... Or do you need it more for storage than display?

  2. Paint white to everything except the drawers and the door fronts, and do black. I love black.Then maybe rub the black so its stressed like the white?

  3. I think I am going white. That should work. For the open doors, yeah I agree. I just was being lazy and didn't want to paint the inside, lol! I don't have a bunch of cute dishes though. I usually put extra home decor stuff in there and not in a pretty way! I think I may take the tin out and put in some hardware cloth but spray painted black? I will then have to be better about styling the whole thing but I think that would be a nice change.

  4. I think black would be really pretty but remember I am going to paint the kitchen charcoal gray. Can you imagine really dark walls, then a huge piece of furniture really dark too? I think it may be depressing. If I go white it will be like your hutch, and that is cute?