Monday, November 21, 2011

Pintuck Duvet Cover

Well here it is folks!  The much awaited project for the Pinterest Challenge!  Don't you love a bargain? I surely do!  Especially when it turns out completely GORG, for only small potatoes!  So I totally swooned over this pin:

Pretty awesome, right?  So my sis and I share our Pinterest boards, she freaked out over this!  So one weekend on one of our shopping adventures what did she find but a great deal on 2 complete sets of california king sheets!  Perfect for this project!  Here is the link to the original post

So my sis did this project with her own little tweaks.  Here is what she did.  First take a flat sheet and lay it out with the side you want on the outside face down.

Then you will need to measure out squares and mark them.  You don't have to be super crazy about getting the marks perfect, the tucks pull so unless you are really studying your duvet you shouldn't have a problem.  My sis just used a flattened cereal box and a pen and marked an X in each corner.

Keep marking until the entire sheet is done.

Next you should be ready to do your tucks.  Pinch the fabric where you have marked an X.  Twist once around, then once around again.

See those nails?  Yep Mom treated us to shellac manicures, so cool!  Just so you know they don't always look that nice!

Now take your little twist to the sewing machine.  No worries now, you don't have to be a seamstress to get this done (trust me I really can't sew) thank goodness my sis is doing this, lol!  Run it through back and forth a couple of times.

When it is done it should look like so

Keep going until all of your X's have a twist stitched.  Flip the sewn side of the tucks down, and the other flat sheet on top of it.  These will need to be sewn together.  Make sure it is inside out, after it is sewn you will flip it.  Leave the bottom open, this is where you will insert your comforter.  See how pretty it is!!

On the open end you can do a couple of things.  Buttons: My sis opted out of these because of the expense.  Ties:  This worked really great, a bit more time-consuming because you have to make and sew them to each side but they tuck underneath and worked really well.  She has also done the pillowcases, and made one for my niece in plum!  Everyone wants one, they are so cute in person!  Can't wait for mine, just need a really good deal on some flat sheets and I will be in business!

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  1. Bra-Vo! You're like, a PRO blogger already! Very cute duvet Roxy! I'll definitely be searching the Black Friday sales for some sheets!

  2. P.S. New pinterest challenge at Week 12!! ;-)

  3. My nails always look beautiful, haha
    Just finished my necklace hanging wood sign, you'll have pics for that too!
    Thanks Amanda(guy selling hood river apples in fred meyer parking lot in Orchards)

  4. Beautiful!! I REALLY need a new duvet cover and it's just not in the budget, but I'll be scouting the sales on California King sheets starting immediately. Great tutorial :)

  5. Could be found in a Black Friday adventure? If you dare, lol! Good luck, hope you enjoy!