Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Old Schoolhouse, My Dream Home

Yep, I am still alive!


I have been on a whirlwind lately, barely keeping my head above water.

I have been developing a new program for work, and we are just to the launching stage.

Not sure if that means I will finally slow down, or I am about to get much busier!  Yikes!

I had to take a bit and tell you this funny little story.

Our Central Office for work is in a really small town in Oregon.

A couple of year ago, my boss showed me how to drive going the back roads.

This then takes you through some even smaller towns...

Well if you are like me and you drool over cool old houses, you would love this drive.

I have always had my favorite on this drive.

For the past couple of years the grass has been growing tall, and the windows are all boarded up.

Well, I had a couple of minutes on my drive so I stopped to take some pics. (You know I had to show you)

I wasn't about to get out of the car, so they aren't great!

Yes here is my dream!

It is an amazing old schoolhouse!

I then went to snap a picture of the is pretty amazing as well.

Everything was going great until I went to take one more picture...I was lining up my phone to snap away;

a truck pulls right in front of me, and a old man says "Can I help you?"

Yikes!  Well um I really love old buildings...and I really love that old schoolhouse?

His diesel truck was a rumbling...and he said something back to me.

Sorry I didn't catch that?  He said "What about me?"

LOL, I kind of breathed a sigh of relief...he wasn't super angry at me!

Anyhow, to make a long story short

He said that he just purchased the property and is just started the remodel process on the house!

Want to know what is even better....?

Anytime I want to stop by, he will give me a full tour!

I so cannot wait

Oh yeah, and I assured him I was happily married :)

I have been telling my husband...maybe he doesn't want the schoolhouse....maybe we can buy some property and have it moved here?

He thinks I am nuts!

Have a blessed day!

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