Monday, October 22, 2012

Burlap Covered Lamp Shades With Scrap Flowers

I have been picking up some basic lampshades and in the garage they have sat....

I had a bit of motivation and some burlap!

I love covering lamp shades, because you can get so creative and pretty much anything goes.

The first time I ever attempted covering a shade I used a pattern, just an fyi that it not the easiest first attempt, lol!

A fun solid pattern like the above are a piece of cake.

Just lay the fabric on the floor and wrap it around the shade to ensure you have enough.

Then grab some spray adhesive (make sure you do a light even coat) and slowly smooth your fabric over the shade.

I use a sharp hobby (razor) knife to trim the edges and lightly hot glue them under the inside rim.

Then decorate to your hearts desire!

I love making scrap flowers, usually I make these when I am watching the kiddos during bath time!  It's all about multi-tasking when your a Mom, right?

Easy, fun project!  Try it out!

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