Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sisal Knot Vase

I was scrolling through some pictures and I forgot to show you all this fun little craft project I completed the other day.  Well I better get to it!

You will need

3/8" Sisal twine (from any hardware store)
Glass vase (any size)
Hot Glue

Clean the vases...obviously I didn't do this until after because I am strange like that.  Oh and if you have really nasty ones like this, what I use is the Xfine steel wool.  It worked awesome!
Just start by putting a stream of hot glue on the bottom edge and start wrapping the twine.  In the beginning you will want to use hot glue on all the parts, but as you move up you only need a little bit.
Aww, clean much better!  Keep wrapping however you like it.  For these I was thinking some sand and a candle so I went about a quarter of the way up.
Leave about 12" at the end, then tie a knot and adjust where you like it and glue away.
Thats it!  Pretty easy fun project right?  I wish I had a picture to show you on a mantle, but I ran them to the booth and they were gone right away, oops!  I better go and make some more, doesn't your own home always come last?

Enjoy your day!


  1. Great job! Thanks for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  2. Way cute Ade! I think I'm gonna make a couple...I have a pair of matching vases that would be perfect. Almost got rid of them last week!

  3. Oops, That wasn't Joe. That was me. :)

    1. Whatever! You totally know Joe was scrolling through the home decor blogs with his morning coffee, lol!

  4. I've seen some projects like this, but your little added knot makes the piece so much cuter! I think I have just the right piece to try this on...thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thanks so much! Did you see the ones on Pottery Barn with the knot? I was going that direction (they hang) but I thought it would pull the glue apart. Glad you like them!