Thursday, May 3, 2012

Orb Basket Lamp

I am so excited and happy about this project, I had to share (even though hubs is in bed and can't hang it right now).  Thankfully you, my sweet readers, are used to my horrible pictures!

Wanna know what I made?!?
My first lamp ever!!
and it is super cute...

Here are the little goodies I built this with:
2-Metal Garden Hanging Baskets
1-Lamp Socket
1-Plug End
Lamp Cord
Cool Bulb
Decorative Chain
Small Black Zip Ties (electrical dept)
4" Black Pipe Nipple (plumbing dept)
1" Floor flange (plumbing dept)
Let's just say this project didn't go smooth exactly, and I so didn't miss my calling as an electrician!  That job takes some patience (which I have little!)  I know I have told you all before but I work in a hardware type store, so through my blunders my co-workers were amazing coaches!  Basically I had to re-do this a couple of times.  Some of us just have to learn the hard way I guess!

First I spray painted the floor flange black with some spray paint.  Remove the cocoa liner from the baskets and remove the hanging chains.  Put the floor flange under the basket and zip tie it to the basket.

Then I threaded the metal pipe nipple into the floor flange and ran my wires through and up the top.  In the above picture I used electrical tape to hold the lamp socket while I was threading the lamp cord through the chain.  I removed it now and it is staying!

When it is all wired I zip tied the other basket to the bottom.  My little hint, make sure the bulb is in before you attach the baskets together (yeah it was a tough project! LOL)  My original plan was to wrap the nipple in scrap book paper.  I did it.  Then I didn't love it.  Yep had to cut the zip ties again!  Good thing I bought a whole pack!
I love the scroll design on these baskets!

Just in case you were wondering...YES it does work!

I bought a fun bulb, but it wasn't the most cost effective!  Sometimes a girl has to splurge, ya know!  I cannot wait to see this hung.  Hopefully you were impressed that I took a few of these pictures while holding it in the air, lol!

Now I will be on the hunt for these baskets at garage sales all summer!
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  1. Congrats on your FIRST lamp project! It turned out great. Now you should have the confidence to "light up your world" without reservation next time. lol

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  2. Following you back from the hop! The lamp looks great!

  3. Following you back from the hop! The lamp looks great!